You’re Dealing With Busy People

How to get through to busy people.

Busy people read emails differently.

  1. They delete emails without reading them.
  2. They archive them before reading.

We think they’re reading every word, but they’re not.

  1. They scan.
  2. They look for the one question or sentence that sums up the purpose of the email.

They’re constantly thinking, “What does this person want? Is this spam? How long will this take?”

Help busy people to read and reply to your emails:

  1. Grab their attention, slow them down, and arouse curiosity.
  2. Create an open loop that creates tension they will want to resolve.
  3. Don’t be too specific, revealing, or vague.
  4. Write simply, one to one.
  5. Keep it short, 75 to 100 words is plenty.

This may sound simple.

And it’s not rocket surgery.

But like anything worth mastering, it takes intentional and sustained practice.