Your Daily Email Prospecting Cadence

With email prospecting, it’s important to establish it as a habit – something you do every day.

Let’s say you’ve got one hour a day that you can devote to prospecting.

With a bit of practice, you should be able to research, craft, and send ten emails in that hour a day.

For best results, focus on quality, not quantity.

When to send?

As with all things marketing and sales related, you need to test – run experiments. But a good starting point is to mail on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Make them short and sweet

Make your emails short.

So that they can easily be read on a smartphone.

Ideally, your message fits on one screen.

Try not to make the reader scroll.

Break up the text too.

Even 100 words of unbroken text can look like hard work on a smartphone.

Make it look personal

As a self-employed professional, if you follow our Crackerjack Prospecting System approach, you’ll be handcrafting your prospecting emails, leveraging the stacks of templates we provide.

Even though you’ll be leveraging templates for a quick head start, your emails need to look personal – like the sort of email you’d get from a friend.

Avoid fancy, branded HTML designs.

It should not look like a beautifully designed, professional, corporate marketing email.

You’re going for the exact opposite of that.

You want your email to fly under your prospects’ advertising and marketing radar.

Anything that looks like marketing gets deleted.

If it looks like a mass email, sent one to many, it’s more likely to be deleted.

Bespoke, text-based, personal prospecting emails – that look like an email you’d get from a friend – will pull down the highest open rates.

And provoke the most conversations with the prospects you most want to talk to.

For more on email prospecting, check out the Crackerjack Prospecting System.