Never Go Hungry

Marketing and sales professionals frequently engage in a stoopid debate about whether inbound or outbound marketing works best.

Stoopid because it’s not an either/or proposition. And it really depends on the specific situation.

Companies of all sizes are engaged in a content marketing arms race, creating material they hope will generate leads.

Nothing wrong with that.

I do it.

And for most B2B products and services, it’s usually worth doing.

But it’s a long-term play.

And it often doesn’t generate enough of the right kind of leads.

That’s why high-growth companies like Dell, Lenovo, Oracle, Pfizer, and Morgan Stanley all use highly targeted email outreach to generate leads.

They’re not waiting around for the people to read their content and get in touch.


They’re out there looking under rocks and shaking trees.

In 2013, surveyed a bunch of marketing professionals.

Asked them to rate the effectiveness of outbound vs inbound marketing.

37% of marketers surveyed identified outbound as the most effective method, more than inbound methods including events (27%), online (17%) and social media (5%).

The thing is, targeted outreach gets results quickly.

That’s why it’s ideal for self-employed B2B professionals who want more customers, clients, and projects, but can’t wait around for leads to trickle in from their inbound marketing efforts.

I mean, it’s not like you need hundreds of new customers, clients, or projects is it?

Targeted outreach via email. It’s a vital skill for self-employed B2B professionals; coaches, consultants, and experts of all stripes can use this one power move to get all the business they need.

When you do targeted account email prospecting the way I suggest, you’ll need precious little else to keep your pipeline brimming full with the ideal prospects you want most to be your future customers and clients.

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