Need More Clients?
Try This.

I was at a business conference in San Francisco recently.

Got talking to a Business Coach.

Turns out he helps business owners, senior executives, and CEOs become better leaders.

Bruce was a former senior military officer who’d served with distinction in the US Army.

The guy knew a thing or two about leadership.

It kinda oozed out of him.

Impressive, big presence.

Solid guy.

Just like me, Bruce was there to learn some new stuff.

But really, he confided, he was really at the conference to network, hoping to find some new prospects to fill his bone dry pipeline.

Like a lot of self-employed professionals, Bruce was squeamish when it came to marketing and selling.

Bit of a sook.

Reckoned he’d almost rather go a round or two with a crazed Haqqani Network fighter than go hunting for new business.

His reluctance is commonplace.

I see it a lot, especially with self-employed professionals.

Even with tough guys like Bruce.

That’s why, several months before meeting Bruce, I’d written a Special Report.

It’s just for self-employed professionals who are selling products and services to other businesses, need new customers and clients, but HATE selling.

It reveals the fastest way I know of to get a surge of new clients.

Like by this time next week fast.

It’s relatively easy to do.

For most people (not all), it feels comfortable and authentic.

It positions you as an expert in front of your future clients.

And, it gets GOOD results.

Want a free copy?

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