Know Your Sales Triggers

At your prospect companies, sales opportunities are being created all the time. 

  • Executives come and go. And the new ones on the job are looking to have their say, make their mark, and shake the place up. This often leads to a flurry of decisions to buy new products and services.
  • Projects, pilots, campaigns, and other initiatives are always cropping up, requiring companies to source new equipment, systems, tools, programs, and services of all types.
  • In the IT world, knowing a company’s installed base of software and hardware systems can be the proverbial Golden Ticket, giving you insights into current and future needs. is a great resource for researching companies and current news about them that can be a great source of trigger events. You can easily stay up to date with your competitors too.

In Chapter 5 of the Crackerjack Prospecting Playbook, written especially for self-employed professionals, coaches, consultants, and experts, I detail 18 trigger events and show you how to use them to approach the right people at your targeted accounts.

Trigger events are very powerful, and when leveraged in the right way, dramatically increase your chances of getting a new customer, client, or project.

The Playbook is one of the three parts that combine to make the Crackerjack Prospecting System.

The other parts are contact list building and email discovery/verification software, and email support.

If you want new customers, clients, and projects, there’s more info here about how you can get yourself some, maybe even as soon as this time next week.