Never Go Hungry

Marketing and sales professionals frequently engage in a stoopid debate about whether inbound or outbound marketing works best. Stoopid because it’s not an either/or proposition. And it really depends on the specific situation. Companies of all sizes are engaged in a content marketing arms race, creating material they hope will generate leads. Nothing wrong with… Continue reading

Get More Leads With Simple Prospecting Emails

I want to share with you seven proven steps to generating a steady stream of sales leads with short and simple prospecting emails. Targeted account email prospecting for self-employed B2B professionals like consultants, freelancers, coaches, and experts of all stripes, is not your standard, everyday email prospecting. This is NOT about mass emailing. And it’s… Continue reading

Case Study: Selling A Subscription Product To Cranky Aussie Real Estate Agents

Selling a subscription product, where the buyer is committing to ongoing periodic payments, is not easy. We have a subscription product that we offer to residential real estate agents in Australia (and New Zealand and the United States). It’s a system that helps sales agents nurture their contacts. It’s not available year round. We offer… Continue reading